IOM instructs Viet ladies headed for South Korean hubbies

International Organization of Migration (IOM) announced Thursday it would organize a course for Vietnamese women planning to get married to South Korean men.

Participants at the free course from Dec. 8-30 will be trained and provided with information about culture, customs, behaviors, eccentricities, expectations and traditions of Koreans to help them adapt.

IOM Vietnam Head Patrick Corcoran explained the training is expected to reduce the violence and conflicts Vietnamese women have endured as wives in Korea.

How training Vietnamese women might curb abuses by Korean gentlemen was apparently not explained.

The IOM noted reports of the South Korean Embassy in Vietnam that the number of Vietnamese women marrying Korean men has steadily risen over recent years.

Some 8,500 Viet women married Korean men in 2006 while the number in 2001 was just 134.

Currently, around 20,000 Vietnamese women are living in South Korea married to Republic of Korea nationals. Registration or other information on the course can be had at the IOM’s website,

Reported by Nhu Lich


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  1. ABSURD!! Instead of taking the problem of human trafficking at its roots and educate the people about its dangers, they are actually encouraging people to get married to get out of the country and are kind of pretending the problem is based on cultural differences! SAD!!

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