NA deputies concerned for improvement of farmers’ life

National Assembly deputies on November 17 raised various questions on solutions to improve farmers’ life and the agriculture development policy after Vietnam joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

At the hearing, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat said the Government has taken measures for the purpose by reducing and exempting irrigation fees for farmers, readjusting agricultural production mechanism and promoting agricultural and forestry activities.

The Government has also instructed the prevention and control of cattle, poultry and plant diseases to reduce losses for farmers, provided timely relief aid to disaster and epidemic-ravaged areas and increased investment in transport and irrigation infrastructure and water supply systems for mountainous areas.

The Minister also acknowledged many development opportunities for the agricultural sector. However, he said, there remains a series of challenges, especially to the sector’s efforts to increase its competitiveness. Animal husbandry and fruits and vegetables can face fierce competition due to their limited production capability.

To overcome these difficulties, the minister said that the sector will focus on solutions to improve the export quality of farm products, especially rice, rubber, coffee, tea and seafood while enhancing scientific and technological transfer and ensuring food hygienic safety for export products.

In addition, the sector will also devise policies on aiding large-scaled concentrated breeding, promote the research to create high-quality hybrid plants and animals and present to the Government a scheme to increase investment capital for the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transport and Communications Ho Nghia Dung admitted shortcomings in his ministry’s responsibility for the low disbursement rate in transport construction projects over the recent past.

At the Question – Answer session of the 12th National Assembly on November 17, Minister Dung spoke of the ministry’s weaknesses which have resulted in the low disbursement rate of capital in State, foreign-invested and official development assistance (ODA) projects.

He went on to say that contractors’ weak financial capacity, shortcomings in ground clearance, construction materials price hike and difficulties in implementing new regulations of the Laws on Bidding and Construction have also slowed down the disbursement rate.

On the increase in the number of traffic accidents and congestions in urban areas, he said dissemination work and strict punishment are considered effective solutions to the problem.

“It is necessary to develop public transport systems, encourage people to get the habit of walking and increase registration fees to reduce the number of private vehicles,” the minister suggested.

Regarding the Can Tho bridge collapse, Minister Dung said that the investigation is underway to find out the cause of the collapse and define the responsibility of those concerned. Vietnam is hiring a foreign consultation company to review the project’s technical design. (VNA)


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