Group claims Vietnam police arrest six activists

A US-based group opposed to one-party communisty rule in Vietnam says police have arrested six political activists, including citizens of the United States, France and Thailand.

A Vietnam government official declined to immediate comment but a US embassy official says it has confirmation of the arrest of one US citizen and had asked Hanoi for access.

Officials at the other embassies could not be reached for comment on the statement received by email from the Viet Tan (Vietnam Reform Party).

The group said that on Saturday police in Ho Chi Minh City had arrested two US citizens of Vietnamese descent, two Vietnam citizens, one French citizen of Vietnamese descent and one Thai citizen after “they participated in discussions with other democracy activists on promoting peaceful democratic change”.

The group has advocated a multiparty political system for Vietnam, whose Communist Party rulers arrested about 20 activists earlier this year, drawing criticism from Washington and the European Union.


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