Chickens die en mass in S Vietnam

HANOI, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) — Some 6,400 chickens in Vietnam’s southern Ba Ria Vung Tau province have died of unidentified causes since early this month, while the country’s poultry flock is being hit by bird flu and Marek disease.

Specimens from the dead poultry of two farms in the province’s Tan Thanh districts are being tested, local newspaper Pioneer reported Wednesday.

Southern Tien Giang province reported that Marek, a highly contagious viral neoplastic disease in chickens caused by a herpes virus, has recently affected 120,000 chickens, of which 40,000 died, in the locality.

Now, bird flu is hitting northern Cao Bang province, and central Quang Tri province, according to the Department of Animal Health under the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Bird flu outbreaks in Vietnam, starting in December 2003, have killed and led to the forced culling of dozens of millions of fowls in the country.
Editor: Gao Ying

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