VIETNAM: 240 workers strike at Hai Phong

There has been another large-scale strike at a Vietnamese footwear plant, with workers demanding better pay and working conditions.

Yesterday morning (11 December) all 240 workers at a shoes cap workshop owned by Vietnam’s Hai Phong Footwear Company stopped working, and held a strike for rising salary and an upgraded working environment.

Khuc Ngoc Quang, a trade union official of the company, said that the company asked employees to work under high pressure for a net salary of VND600,000-700,000 (US$37.5-$43) per month.

Workers at the plant petitioned to leaders of the company for higher salaries and environment improvement a month ago, but little has been done, added Quang.

Hai Phong yesterday agreed to increase lunch allowance but is still deciding on a potential salary increase. The company, currently doing outwork for Taiwanese partners, is the biggest footwear producer of Hai Phong port city, with annual capacity of 10m pairs of shoes.

The strike follows news in Vietnam last month that around 10,000 workers at Tae Kwang Vina shoe plant, which makes shoes for Nike, had gone on strike for an increased salary amid rising inflation in the country.

There have been 71 strikes in Hai Phong city since the turn of the millennium, and 27 in 2007 alone.

By Ngo Tuan.


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