Scorpions, not snakes, on a plane

Several scorpions were found on a domestic Vietnam Airlines flight on Thursday, which caused the service to be delayed while the entire plane was inspected.

Luckily the Airbus A320 had yet to take off from Danang Airport when two scorpions in the passenger cabin were spotted by crew members.

The plane was immediately evacuated and a top to bottom inspection of the plane was undertaken, from where three more stragglers were found.

An official for the airline had commented, “We don’t yet know how the scorpions got on the plane.”

Some 170 people were safely evacuated off the plane, whereupon they had to wait four hours for the all clear by inspectors.

Eventually by 21:00, the plane was ready to depart for Hanoi, without any arachnid stowaways.

Investigations into the incident continue with one working theory that the scorpions were sneaked on by exotic creature smugglers.


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