Little Saigon crowd takes protest against China to L.A.

Vietnamese Americans rally against Chinese occupation of islands in Asia.

A large group left Little Saigon this morning in six buses and two minivans, said Loi Cao, one of the protest organizers.

Protesters had also rallied in Little Saigon over the same issue Saturday afternoon. A recent move by the Chinese government to include three of the islands to form a Chinese county sparked the string of protests here and in Vietnam.

The ownership of this cluster of more than 200 islands rich in oil and gas deposits has been a subject of debate among several Southeast Asian nations that border the islands.

Protesters in Los Angeles held banners and shouted anti-communist slogans, said Truong Diep, a Midway City Sanitary District board member, adding that he was there to observe the rally. They shouted slogans in Vietnamese, such as “Down with Red China” and “Stop the Chinese Land Grab,” Diep said.

On Sunday, protesters said they were upset that the Vietnamese government is doing little to stop the Chinese occupation of the islands. However, Associated Press news reports state that Vietnam’s Communist Party did criticize China’s military exercises on Paracel Islands through its newspaper, Nhan Dhan.


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