6 Vietnamese arrested for allegedly trying to sell 2 newborn babies into China

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) – Authorities in northern Vietnam said Wednesday they have arrested six people suspected of trying to sell two newborn babies in China as part of a baby-trafficking ring.

Police in the Chinese border town of Dongxing on Monday detained the six Vietnamese while they were transporting two 10-day old boys and returned

them all back across the border, said Nguyen Thai Binh, deputy police chief of Mong Cai in northern Vietnam.
The Chinese acted on a tip from the Vietnamese authorities monitoring a smuggling ring, he said.
Initial investigation showed that the four men and two women were paid by ring leaders in Ho Chi Minh City in the south to transport the two babies to China for sale, he said.

The suspects were handed over to Quang Ninh provincial police for further investigation while the two babies were taken to a social welfare center, he said.

Binh said police in Quang Ninh province will cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City police in investigating where the ring got the two babies, he added.

Last week, Vietnam announced it would stop processing new adoption applications from U.S. citizens from July following allegations of baby-selling, corruption and fraud.

The announcement came days after The Associated Press published details of a U.S. Embassy report that alleged rampant abuses, including hospitals selling infants whose mothers could not pay their bills, brokers scouring villages for babies and a grandmother who gave away her grandchild without telling the child’s mother.



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