Vietnam beefs up milk scrutiny as China scandal grows

More milk products of dubious origin unearthed as authorities conduct nationwide inspections.

The HCMC health watchdog quarantines YiLi milk products imported by the Kim An Company before destroying them.

The HCMC health watchdog quarantines YiLi milk products imported by the Kim An Company before destroying them.

Local authorities have been asked to inspect milk products and materials imported from China and promptly halt circulation of those that do not carry the required labels.

In an urgent dispatch issued Monday, Deputy Health Minister Cao Minh Quang instructed local health departments to work with agencies to collect samples of imported milk, particularly those from China, to examine whether they had been contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in various industrial and agricultural applications.

The test results must be reported back to the Ministry of Health at the soonest, the dispatch stressed.

Milk products and materials without legitimate labels must be taken out of circulation.

The ministry also Monday blacklisted 22 Chinese dairy firms that had sold melamine-contaminated products.

The Food Hygiene Safety Bureau has been asked to make a thorough review of documents pertaining to the license of imported milk to see if the blacklisted companies had sold their products in Vietnam.

The Ministry of Health urged intensified scrutiny of imported milk products as China’s toxic milk scandal escalated Monday with officials admitting around 53,000 children had been hospitalized after drinking milk presumably contaminated by melamine, the AFP reports.

Most had “basically recovered” but 12,892 children remained in hospital, a Chinese ministry official told AFP. More worms out of the can

In the central city of Da Nang, 60 cans of Ensure milk without Vietnamese usage-guidance labels have been discovered at seven stores, said Mac Nhu Chung, inspector deputy chief of the municipal health department.

Authorities have also confiscated around 17.5 kilograms of milk without labels or of dubious origin, Chung said.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the city market watchdog since last Monday has uncovered some four tons of milk whose origin were not proved. Inspectors also confiscated around two tons of cheese and milk flavoring without legitimate invoices.

HCMC authorities also said Monday they had quarantined 1,081 cartons of milk from Inner Mongolia’s YiLi Industrial Group, one of China’s three companies discovered with melamine in their milk products, pending destruction. Kim An Company in Phu Nhuan District had imported the milk consignment.

The HCMC health watchdog also asked Kim An to recall another 379 cartons of YiLi milk from the market, saying it would collect milk samples for melamine tests.

The Can Tho City police in the Mekong Delta said Monday they had unearthed around 3,600 cartons of milk of poor quality produced by Asian Food Company (AC Food) in HCMC’s District 12.

AC Food made headlines Monday as central and HCMC police said they had seized thousands of milk tins of the firm that were of low quality.

The products were widely sold in the central and southern regions, the police said. Tests by HCMC’s Institute of Hygiene and Public Health showed the actual nutritional ingredients in AC Food milk are not in accordance with what is stated in the packages.

The firm has also lied about its products’ origin and quality standards, the police said.

Ensuing investigations revealed Monday that AC Food had manufactured their products at a residential house covering an area of 80 square meters in District 12.

The production process was carried out with several rudimentary machines, the police said.

Reported by Thanh Nien staff

Source: Thanh Nien News


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