Vietnam: Worst rain in 35 yrs

Hanoi – Pumps ran non-stop in the Vietnamese capital on Wednesday to clear water following the city’s worst rainfall in 35 years, in storms that sparked flooding across large sections of the country and left 92 people dead.

Life in Hanoi was slowly returning to normal after a halt in the rains, with floodwaters receding and residents cleaning up their homes.

Another seven bodies were found in northern Vietnam, including two more in the capital, bringing the death toll in Hanoi to 22 and the overall toll to 92, authorities said.

Neighbourhoods submerged

Forecasters said that rain over the weekend was Hanoi’s heaviest in 35 years.

At the height of the flooding, more than 100 Hanoi neighbourhoods were under at least 30cm of water, but by Wednesday only five neighborhoods were submerged, said Nguyen Anh Tu of the city’s drainage company.

“Our main pump station is running 24 hours a day, pumping 4 million cubic meters of excess water a day,” he said.

“We hope the water will recede completely from metropolitan Hanoi in the next two days.”

Cleaning out mud, debris and garbage

Only scattered showers were predicted in Hanoi for the next few days, forecasters said.

Hanoi residents, meanwhile, continued cleaning homes covered with a mix of mud, debris and garbage washed in by the floods.

Nguyen Van Hai, 34, and his family of three moved back home on Wednesday after spending five days with his in-laws.

He had taken the day off to clean his house.

“Our first floor is covered with 10cm of mud,” he said. “It’s so smelly.”

Five more bodies were found late on Tuesday in two northern provinces near Hanoi, Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang.

– AP,,2-10-1462_2421311,00.html

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