This website contains news about my homeland, Vietnam.

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  1. It’s my homeland too, so it is of my interest as well :-), thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Hi there, can you send me some contact info regarding this orphange. Are you based in Vietnam too. Many thanks

  3. Hi Hiep, Which orphanage were you talking about?

  4. Cam on ,Tin Que huong da tong hop tin tuc de chung toi biet ,nhung tieng Anh cua chung toi rat kem ;mong co them tieng Viet thi tot hon .
    Mot lan nua cam on nhieu chuc cac ban hanh phuc .

  5. i think this is not a bad website.toi tin day ko fai? la` trang web pha?n dong ,,,,,

  6. Thank you so much for a great blog. Please be careful not to reveal your identity, location, and practice that may compromise your safety.

    Free Viet

  7. Hello!

    I am currently conducting some research to find a young (20s-40s) Vietnamese person in the medical line / Sc&Tech line for a TV programme. If anyone has any leads, kindly email me at angela@red.com.my. Thank you!


  8. Hi, we have chatted before about getting donations to Nha Trang……..can you email me again at my regular email address? I’m the teacher in Arizona whose students send a donation a few years ago.


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